WiPower Launches Wireless Power Mobile Design Kit

January 03, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

WiPower announced the launch of a wireless power design kit aimed at a wide range of mobile products. With the release of the WiPower Mobile Design Kit, the company states that product developers will be able to prototype the solution in a day, and have market ready products in a couple of months.

According to the company, wireless power is a fundamental technology which can be used by a large number of mobile consumer products. Today, it is very difficult for product developers to gain access to this technology without building significant technical capability. The existing wireless technology players are either building end products or focused on deep IP licensing arrangements with large volume OEMs.

The Mobile Design Kit is based on WiPower’s technology which transfers power wirelessly without the need for precise alignment between the transmitter and receiver in the x,y direction and within limits in the z direction. Thus, the technology can support "through surface" use-models such as under a desk or the other side of a wall. In addition, the technology naturally supports multiple devices all at a compelling cost point. The Kit consists of a wireless power transmitter which can support applications up to 15W, a wireless power receiver which can be integrated with end product, and documentation in simple how-to format that allows engineers without deep knowledge of electromagnetic principles or power electronics to create their own wireless power products. They simply USE the technology for their product. To facilitate the task of prototyping, product design, or volume manufacturing, WiPower has assembled a qualified partner network which can help the customer if desired. Finally, WiPower provides a royalty-free license for the receiver, access to white-labeled transmitters, and standard terms and conditions to facilitate a very low barrier business model for end customers.

"Put simply, our goal is to facilitate the proliferation and growth of wireless power technology in any and all applications," said WiPower’s CEO Rahul Razdan. "We envision a situation where innovation can be unleashed with very low barriers to access this technology, so that product designers from phone skin manufacturers to light fixture developers can enhance their value with the use of this technology."

The Mobile Wireless Power Design Kit is available immediately for $4,500 USD.