Voller Energy Signs Agreement With Conergy AG

July 10, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Voller Energy Group PLC announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding ('MOU') with Conergy AG. The agreement is for Voller and Conergy to work together to develop the market for fuel cell generators used in small-scale off-grid applications for example in conjunction with solar panels and wind turbines to provide remote power from sustainable energy sources.

With an expected turnover of more than 800 million euros in 2006, the Hamburg based Conergy is the largest solar company in Europe and a leading international supplier in other fast growing fields of renewable energies. With more than 1000 employees on five continents Conergy offers intelligent system technologies for the rapidly growing global energy requirements, to generate electricity, heating or cooling using various renewable resources. Along with flat plate collectors for sun-powered heating or cooling, Conergy also develops and produces inverters for converting solar direct current into grid-conforming alternating current in all power ranges. In addition to these key high-tech solar technologies, Conergy also produces small wind power generators and patented mounting components for renewable energy systems.

Voller Energy is one of the world's first commercial developers and manufacturers of portable fuel cell systems, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel or gasoline electric generators. Voller products can be fuelled by pure hydrogen or liquid petroleum gas (LPG), a mixture of propane and butane generically known as Calor Gas, after the market leading brand of LPG.

The collaboration will benefit Voller with the help, support and expertise of Conergy in Photo-voltaic (PV) and wind turbine technology. Conergy will benefit from access to Voller's expertise in fuel cell systems at its remote wind and solar sites, whose efficiency can be reduced by lack of wind and sun. When required, Voller's software activates the portable fuel cell in order to maintain a constant power source, so that equipment at remote sites such as surveillance cameras, illuminated road signs, and environment monitoring equipment work continuously.

Stephen Voller, Chief Executive of Voller Energy Group PLC, said, "We are extremely excited by the new opportunities offered by the agreement with Conergy, whose expertise in wind and solar technology makes them an ideal partner for Voller, as we take further steps towards the development of continuous environmentally friendly energy."