Varta and Allgäu Batterie Partner for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

July 04, 2021 by Stephanie Leonida

VARTA and Allgäu Batterie work together to enhance the production and supply of application-specific configurable lithium-ion battery packs for their customers.

VARTA AG produces and supplies a wide range of battery technologies to global industrial, automotive, and consumer markets. Recently, VARTA announced its entry into a partnership with the family-owned company based in Bavaria, Allgäu Batterie GmbH & Co. KG. Allgäu Batterie is a service provider which operates in the battery charging industry. Together, VARTA and Allgau Batterie aim to combine their expertise to accommodate the market for application-specific configurable lithium-ion battery (LiB) packs.

VARTA Power Pack Solutions

VARTA’s PowerPack solutions segment includes customized, semi-customized, off-the-shelf, and modular LiB packs to suit a range of applications. Possible applications include handheld electronic devices, small to medium-sized vehicles (driverless transport systems, automated guided vehicles, material handling systems, or forklift trucks), and large industrial equipment. 

To support the development of individual energy solutions, VARTA helps the company’s from the initial stage of consultation, through to planning, production, and the end-of-life of the product. VARTA’s CellPac PLUS solution provides customers with the guidance to choose the right cells, mechanical and electrical design, as well as certification and tests for creating customized LiB packs for specific applications. 

VARTA’s CellPac PLUS provides customers with support and guidance for creating customized LiB packs. Image used courtesy of VARTA 

The Partnership

Under the partnership, Allgau Batterie will be able to include Easyblade and Easyblock products from VARTA's Application Specific Batteries (ASB) product group in its portfolio. Allgau will be taking care of any system integration issues which may cover hardware, software, chargers, system communication and mechanical fit, and battery design.

In a news release from earlier this month, General Manager at VARTA Power Pack Solutions, Gordon Clemens, commented: "The cooperation with Allgäu Batterie shows that we can offer battery solutions for a wide range of applications - and without long design-in times thanks to our modular systems. For us, this marks the start of several such partnerships in Europe and the USA, because we show that VARTA is the perfect partner for a quick implementation of projects where application specific configurable batteries are required." 

In the same news release, the CEO of Allgäu Batterie and ALLithium, Manuel Diepolder, expressed his excitement concerning the partnership: “With VARTA, we gain a renowned partner that will help us to achieve our ambitious goals. Our companies complement each other perfectly: VARTA produces excellent cells and modules which we then configure and integrate as intelligent complete systems.”

For VARTA and AllgauAllgäu Batterie, the partnership will provide access to each company’s respective product offerings and services. Customers can benefit from enhanced flexibility in terms of creating application-specific configurable lithium-ion battery packs with both VARTA and Allgäu Batterie’s expertise.