UV-Technik and Warner Power Pen Alliance

April 16, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Warner Power, LLC of Warner New Hampshire has penned a strategic alliance with UV-Technik Meyer GmbH of Bleichenbach, Germany and UV-Technik Speziallampen GmbH or Wumbach, Germany to supply their line of power supplies and low and medium pressure mercury vapor lamps to the North American market.

Building on their experience with power supplies and lighting ballasts for general lighting, entertainment and medical applications, Warner will extend its offering to include the UV-Technik products which are designed for use in water/wastewater germicidal treatment and UV curing. Initially, all products will be manufactured in Germany with a transition to US manufacture as the market demands.

UV-Technik is a leading supplier of custom lamps and electronic power supplies in Europe. They are a “one-stop shop” for UV equipment manufacturers and en-users. All UV-Technik products will be available in North America through Warner.