US Army Establishes Lab to Develop Energy-Saving Technology

April 11, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

The US Army has unveiled its Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center at their newest complex in Warren, Michigan. The eight-labs-in-one Ground Systems Power and Energy Laboratory (GSPEL) offers numerous testing capabilities and what is described as an unmatched combination of resources in a single lab. The 30,000 square foot facility houses a Power and Energy Vehicle Environmental Lab (PEVEL), Air Filtration Lab, Calorimeter Lab, Thermal Management Lab, Power Lab, Fuel Cell Lab, Hybrid Electric Components Lab, and an Energy Storage Lab.

GSPEL will allow TARDEC engineers, technicians and scientists to provide the most advanced solutions to meet the next generation of power, energy and mobility issues. Designed with the capability to test combat vehicles of all sizes and purposes, the GSPEL is unlike anything else in the world. The eight-labs-in-one complex has unique research and testing capabilities.

The GSPEL will serve as the cornerstone of the Armys next generation of power, energy and mobility initiatives. GSPEL will serve as a single data point for TARDECs overall energy strategy with the larger Energy Department and Department of Army strategy.

The GSPELs centerpiece is the Power and Energy Vehicle Environmental Lab (PEVEL). One of the largest environmental chambers in the world, the PEVEL allows researchers to test new vehicle technologies in extreme hot and cold temperatures, and also in various wind, humidity and solar conditions.

GSPEL allows TARDEC, the Research Development and Engineering Command, and the Army Materiel Command to offer shared access to industry and academia to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas to develop emerging energy technologies and validate ground vehicle systems - collaborative research that could also help the Nation achieve energy security goals. The Army’s best and brightest ground vehicle research scientists, engineers & technicians combined with GSPELs unique facilities, will enable the Army to innovate tomorrows energy solutions.

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