Unique Mobility Receives Order From PEI

August 02, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Unique Mobility Inc. (UQM, Golden, Co) announced that it has received a follow-on $450,000 order from PEI Electronics Inc. (Huntsville, AL) for additional units of advanced electric motors, motor controllers and generators. PEI will use the UQM components to deploy additional hybrid-electric vehicles. These vehicles will include a new application for hybrid electric "trouble trucks," which are utility industry service, maintenance and repair vehicles. Two prototype High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWVs), previously developed and built by PEI and powered by UQM motors, motor controllers and generators, are currently undergoing extensive performance testing. The tactical version, equipped with five UQM SR218 motor/generators, is being tested by the US Army at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds (Aberdeen, MD); and the utility version, equipped with three SR286 motor/generators, is under test at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (Reno, NV). UQM currently supplies its SR286 hybrid-electric motors and controllers to PEI for installation in city transit buses produced by Advanced Vehicle Systems Inc. (Chattanooga, TN). "Over the past year PEI has seen a dramatic increase in prospective contracts for both commercial and military hybrid electric vehicle powertrains," said Donald L. Bullock, vice president of power management of PEI Electronics. "Hybrid electric vehicles offer a significant advantage over conventionally powered vehicles including twice the fuel efficiency, reduced tailpipe pollutants, quieter ride and improved vehicle performance."