Ultralife Receives Contract by BAE Systems Aerospace

September 04, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Ultralife Batteries Inc. (Newark, NY) announced that it has received a four-year production order from BAE Systems Aerospace Inc. (Braintree, MA) for seawater-activated batteries. The initial production order, together with development contracts, brings the value of this business to $1.0 million.

Dr. Colin Newnham, managing director of Ultralife Batteries (UK) Ltd., said, "This order is a continuation of a long-term relationship between BAE Systems Aerospace and Ultralife involving the supply of specialized, high-performance batteries." John Kavazanjian, Ultralife's president and CEO, added, "This contract further demonstrates Ultralife's position as the leader in a wide range of advanced, high-energy battery technologies."

Utilizing high energy density, magnesium-silver chloride chemistry, Ultralife's seawater-activated batteries are ideal for applications with critical weight, space and energy requirements. The batteries can withstand extreme thermal and mechanical stress and can be stored almost indefinitely without appreciable deterioration of capacity or performance. These batteries are fast-activating and operate reliably in a wide range of seawater conditions. The batteries were developed at Ultralife's UK facility where they will also be produced. Deliveries will begin in September 2001.