Tyndall Announces First International Power Supply on Chip Workshop

June 23, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

The Tyndall National Institute announced the first International Workshop on Power Supply on Chip (PwrSoC), which will be held from September 22-24 in Cork, Ireland. The event is described as the first of its kind and will focus on the next generation of power supply miniaturization – on moving dc-dc converters onto silicon. According to the organizers, the Workshop will bring together the key players in both the industrial and academic communities active in this emerging area.

According to the organizers, a major challenge to the further miniaturization of dc-dc converters is the inability to integrate passive components on silicon due to their relatively large size at today’s operating frequencies of 0.5 to 5 MHz. Increasing the switching frequencies into the 10’s of MHz region offers the potential for the reduction of passive component values to the point where, with the right technology, their size becomes compatible with silicon device dimensions. Currently, significant R&D activity is evident in both academia and industry into advances in semiconductor, magnetic, capacitor and packaging materials and technologies that will deliver products operating at multi-MHz frequencies. The ultimate target is to develop new miniaturized product formats that can be referred to as power supply-in-package (PSiP) and PwrSoC.

Issues to be addressed include the following: System Architectures, Control Systems, Converter Topologies, Power Trains, Integrated Capacitors, Integrated Magnetics, Market Opportunities, Power Supply in Package vs. Power Supply on Chip, Packaging/Functional Integration, and Materials-Magnetic Capacitor.

Any interested parties who wish to make a contribution to the workshop are encouraged to submit their work for inclusion in the poster sessions via a short abstract (approximately 300 words) describing the topic of the poster. The deadline for abstract submission is August 1, 2008, with notification of acceptance by August 15th.

Sponsors of the first international PwrSoC Workshop include: Enterprise Ireland, Power Electronics Interest Group of Ireland, IEEE Power Electronics Society, Darnell Group, and the Power Sources Manufacturers Association.