Trulite Introduces All-Inclusive Fuel Cell Power Generation System

August 02, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Trulite, Inc. announced the Trulite KH4, a portable fuel cell that generates clean electricity. According to the company, with 150W of continuous generating capacity and up to 200W of peak capacity, the Trulite KH4 will be one of the first, and more powerful, portable fuel cells to be introduced into the market. The system is currently configured with two 400wHr fuel canisters (800wHrs total) with larger fuel canister capability being announced later this year.

The KH4, which is currently undergoing internal testing, is designed to provide highly portable power for residential and commercial users in situations where grid power is not convenient or not available. Trulite is looking for a cross section of test sites and applications where these units can be tested prior to moving into production, which is scheduled for April of 2008. The company states that it is looking for parties interested in being part of its Beta fuel cell testing program.

Key targets for the Trulite KH4 include outdoor enthusiasts, industrial users, homeowners, businesses and other users looking for a safe, portable power source. For example, the KH4 may be used to power 12 and 120V devices, such as a small refrigerator, a laptop computer or a DVD player, quietly and safely while on a camping trip. Commercial applications include remote power for: First Responders, Uninterrupted Power Supply/Back-up Power, Security/Surveillance Sensors, Telecommunications/Repeater Stations, Environmental, Seismic and Weather Monitoring Sensors, Farm & Ranch Irrigation and Water Pumping, Irrigation control, Oil & Gas well situation monitoring equipment for pipelines & well-heads and Construction and Power Tool Charging.

"Fuel cells are a next generation technology not only because they provide power when the power grid is not available, but also because they offer a safer, more environmentally-friendly power source than traditional generators," said Jonathan Godshall, President and CEO, Trulite. "The fuel canisters are compact and can be stored safely for an indefinite period of time, and hydrogen is a renewable resource."

The Trulite KH4 is the result of nearly three years of development and testing. The KH4 technology uses a dry hydride fuel source and a sophisticated control system to deliver hydrogen to the product’s fuel cells, generating only heat and water as byproducts. Moreover, the Trulite KH4 is said to be unique from other current fuel cell products in that it can provide power both from the fuel cell and from its advanced high-energy lithium ion batteries. The two 400W-hour fuel cartridges can provide power for up to eight hours with the unit operating at 60% of capacity. The cost of the fuel is expected to be about the same as the hourly cost for gasoline in a traditional generator. Because of its integration of cartridges and batteries, the KH4 generates power immediately and is able to adapt to appliances that have intermittent energy requirements.