Transphorm Showcasing GaN Technology Value Proposition at PCIM Europe

April 25, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Transphorm Inc. shared a glimpse into its 2019 PCIM Europe showcase. Located in Hall 9 Booth 519, it concentrates on three key points to help conference attendees better understand Transphorm's high-voltage GaN value proposition.

These key differentiating features of Transphorm's GaN components include reliability, drivability, and simplicity.


The company says that the high reliability and high quality of its (Q+R) GaN transistors allows its customers to design with confidence.


Transphorm's devices can be coupled with off-the-shelf drivers, for easing drivability.


The GaN components minimize external gate circuitry for simpler designs.

Also, the GaN components come in standard packages including TO-220, TO-247, and PQFN, with well-known thermal management techniques.

"At PCIM, you'll see the culmination of Transphorm's innovation along with its measurable impact on low volume as well as high volume customer applications," said Philip Zuk, Vice President, Technical Marketing Worldwide, Transphorm. "We've worked hard to produce GaN transistors that are high performing, highly reliable, and easy to use. Which led to Transphorm's GaN devices shipping in multiple customer products. Which then led to us collecting more than 3 billion hours of field reliability data to validate our GaN's quality and reliability—so that customers can design with confidence."

Exhibit Highlights

Quality + Reliability

Transphorm says it published the industry's first complete set of Q+R data, including Early Lifetime [ELF], Field Reliability data, and FIT rates aligned with those of more mature technologies like SiC. This high Q+R is further validated by the company's recently released AEC-Q101-qualified TP65H035WSQA offered at 175°C.

Evaluation Boards and Reference Design

Displays include:

  • 2 kW dc-dc hard switched half bridge
  • 1.2kW dc-dc LLC converter
  • 3.3kW bridgeless totem-pole PFC reference design

(Effective platform for designing high-efficiency DSP-based PFC converters.)

In-production Customer Use Cases

Use cases ranging from rugged broad industrial power supplies to high volume battery charging solutions will demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative impact of Transphorm's GaN platform within various end applications.

About Transphorm

Transphorm boasts one of the largest power GaN IP portfolios (1000+ patents worldwide). Transphorm manufactures, designs, and produces JEDEC and AEC-Q101 qualified GaN FETs.