TowerJazz and Tanner EDA Announce Process Design Kit (PDK) Collaboration for Power Management Device Design

November 19, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

TowerJazz and Tanner EDA, a leading provider of electronic design automation (EDA) tools, announced a joint initiative to develop Process Design Kits (PDKs) for analog/mixed-signal (A/MS) designers using Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon™ software. This collaboration gives Tanner EDA customers access to TowerJazz’s 0.18- and 0.35µ power management process platform and TowerJazz customers access to Tanner EDA’s A/MS tools for a complete IC design solution.

"Tanner EDA offers a perfect blend of price-performance, flexibility and interoperability that addresses the needs of our analog/mixed-signal IC design customers," stated Ori Galzur, VP, VLSI Design Center for TowerJazz. "By working with EDA vendors such as Tanner EDA, we can provide our mutual customers with an advanced power management platform and customized design capabilities to achieve more predictable designs. This will enable them to decrease design cycle time and achieve a time-to-market advantage for their high performance and differentiated power management solutions."

"From my power management design experience, the key to first pass success and quicker design cycles is a consistent design environment. Combining TowerJazz’s advanced power management platform with Tanner EDA’s specialized IC design tools will provide this to the industry," said Marijana Vukicevic, Senior Analyst, Power Management at iSuppli.

TowerJazz offers a differentiated Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) power management platform with 0.5- to 0.18µ CMOS density and a combination of bipolar NPN and PNP devices, as well as high voltage CMOS and DMOS FETs for use in complex power management chips including driver ICs, battery and portable power management, power control for PC products, Class-D audio amplifiers, and many other consumer, communications and computing applications. The Company’s continuously customizable LDMOS from 20 to 80V process provides design optimization and the lowest die size at any given breakdown voltage. The integration of a one to zero layer addition Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) provides significant differentiation and cost effectiveness for enhanced power management solutions.

Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon allows designers to plan and administer power management schemes in the context of their complete design. HiPer Silicon includes features and functionality that address an A/MS designer’s power management requirements, such as: consistent, cohesive user interface across the entire design flow; robust design environment provides flexibility without sacrificing performance; and low learning curve and licensing options help speed concept to silicon.

"Our collaboration with TowerJazz is another example of enabling innovation by bringing leading-edge foundry capability to our customers," commented Tanner EDA President, Greg Lebsack. "We are excited to continue to expand our relationship with TowerJazz to benefit our mutual customers. Our specialized IC design software combined with TowerJazz’s power platform will quickly and effectively meet our analog/mixed signal customers’ needs for high quality power management ICs."