Toshiba International Forms Motors & Drives and Power Electronics Divisions

January 19, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC), Toshiba Corporation's fastest growing business in North America, today announced the formation of two new divisions, the Motors & Adjustable Speed Drives Division and the Power Electronics Division, which includes Uninterruptible Power Systems, SCiB rapid recharge battery, and power conditioning businesses.

“As Toshiba International Corporation evolves to meet growing demand, the newly created Motors & Drives and Power Electronics Divisions will play a critical role in delivering the reliable and innovative solutions our customers have come to expect,” said Mike Ayers, President of the new TIC Social Infrastructure Group housing the new divisions. “This strategic move will strengthen our core product groups while accelerating and sustaining continued business growth for TIC.”

The Motors & Drives Division signifies Toshiba’s commitment to the continued growth of these businesses. It will allow TIC to more effectively leverage existing synergies between the businesses to improve customer service, time to market, and system-focused solutions. The division will be led by Mark Laber in the new role of Vice President and General Manager.

The joining of these two businesses strengthens TIC’s position in the market, bringing together expansive manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, a large global network of manufacturing and service solutions, and a comprehensive product portfolio that will serve existing and new markets such as oil & gas, mining, and power generation.

This restructuring is the most recent change for the rapidly growing motors and drives business. In 2013, TIC completed another 107,000 square foot plant expansion to its existing one million square foot facility, doubling production capacity for its Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drive product line. TIC also acquired the assets of ETI, a Canadian-based motor company, and formed Toshiba Industrial Products Canada, which manufactures large, specialty motors.

The Power Electronics Division positions TIC for substantial growth opportunities in its Uninterruptible Power Systems business, which is known for innovative, highly efficient systems in key markets such as datacenter, healthcare, and industrial. The division will be led by Greg Mack in the new role of Vice President and General Manager. TIC’s rapid rechargeable batteries and power conditioning system business will be part of the division and will work closely with TIC’s Transmission & Distribution Division to focus on renewable energy, energy storage and microgrid technologies.