SynQor and Delta Products Enter into Strategic Alliance

October 19, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

SynQor LLC (Hudson, MA) and Delta Products Corp. (Taipei) penned a strategic alliance related to SynQor's patented dc/dc converter technology. In addition to a significant equity investment in SynQor, Delta will provide high-volume manufacturing capability (500k pieces/month for dc/dc converters) in Taiwan, Thailand, China and Mexico.Delta's strategic relationships with component vendors will also ensure a reliable and timely source of materials for SynQor's fast-growing dc/dc converter business. The two companies will work together to offer customers a total solution to their distributed power needs. This arrangement will include the coordination of sales opportunities and the development of products by each company to support the offerings of the other."In a very short time, SynQor has proven they have a leading dc/dc converter technology and a first-class organization," said Mark Ko, president of the power supply business unit for Delta. "With Delta's high volume manufacturing capability and financial backing, we see SynQor quickly becoming a major player in this market.""SynQor is excited and proud of our partnership with Delta," said Martin Schlecht, CEO of SynQor. "Our strengths are perfectly matched to offer the marketplace a broad line of leading-edge, high-quality distributed power supply products."In addition to the production capacity offered by Delta, SynQor will continue to manufacture medium volumes of dc/dc converters in the US. The company will purchase components from Delta, reducing the cost of its domestically produced converters.