STMicroelectronics Appoints New Senior Executives

January 20, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

STMicroelectronics Inc. (ST) announced the appointment of new executive officers, all reporting to President and Chief Executive Officer Carlo Bozotti. The adjustments anticipate the retirement, at the end of Q1, of company veterans Enrico Villa, Executive Vice President, Director of Europe Region, and Vice President External Technological Co-ordination; and Laurent Bosson, Executive Vice President, Front-End Technology and Manufacturing.

Orio Bellezza, most recently the Assistant General Manager of Front-End Technology and Manufacturing, has been promoted to Executive Vice President and steps up to the role of General Manager, Front-End Manufacturing.

Jean-Marc Chery, former General Manager of Front- and Back-End Manufacturing operations in Asia-Pacific, has been promoted to Executive Vice President and steps into the newly created post of Chief Technology Officer.

Executive Vice President Andrea Cuomo, who’d previously held corporate strategic marketing and key-account sales responsibilities, and most recently served as Chief Strategic Officer, will step in as General Manager of ST’s Europe Region while keeping his responsibility for the Advanced System Technology organization.

Loïc Lietar, previously Group Vice President, Strategies has been promoted to Corporate Vice President, Corporate Business Development. In this function, he will also be responsible for producing corporate Market Intelligence and Research and building and maintaining third-party technology relationships in the role of External Technology Coordinator.

Pierre Ollivier, most recently ST Corporate Counsel, has been promoted to Corporate Vice President and General Counsel, responsible for all legal matters and the management and valorization of ST’s valuable Intellectual Property.

All the above appointments are effective immediately.

The company states that the new members of its management bring a wealth of knowledge and skill, accumulated both within ST and outside. They also bring deep awareness of the market and the semiconductor arena. ST states that the creation of new executive functions was made to ensure top emphasis on technology development, as well as support for the company in key roles such as corporate governance, regulatory requirements and compliance, intellectual property, and all legal matters.