SSDI enters Standard Mil-Aero Power Hybrids Market

March 15, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Solid State Devices, Inc. (SSDI) aims to fill the needs of military and aerospace contractors with its new HiRel power hybrid product line. The initial offerings are half-bridge hermetic power hybrids rated for 700V / 32A, 1kV / 12A and 1kV / 24A. These half-bridge hermetic devices will soon be followed by other families such as dc-dc converters.

SSDI has announced three new half-bridge, N-channel MOSFET power hybrids, the SPH3270FP, SPH12100FP, and SPH24100FP. These hermetic devices share many key features and are designed for high reliability applications such as motor controls, inverters, converters, robotics, etc.

Maximum ratings (at 25 degrees C) for these devices are as follows: SPH3270FP - Id = 32A, Vdss = 700V, Eas = 1100mJ, Pd = 208W, RƟJC = 0.6 degrees C/Watt, Rds(on) = 0.094Ω, Qg (at 10V) = 250nC (170nC, typical); SPH12100FP – Id = 12A, Vdss = 1kV, Eas = 650mJ, Pd = 125W, RƟJC = 1.0 degrees C/Watt, Rds(on) = 0.34 Ω, Qg (at 10V) = 150nC (95nC, typical); SPH24100FP – Id = 24A, Vdss = 1kV, Eas = 1200mJ, Pd = 250W, RƟJC = 0.5 degrees C/Watt, Rds(on) = 0.18Ω, Qg (at 10V) = 300nC (200nC, typical).

The low on-resistance ratings of these devices are a key advantage, which translates into high efficiency, fast switching capabilities with lower conduction losses and cooler operation. These characteristics can potentially lower costs by reducing the number of components and heat-sinking requirements needed.

In addition to the performance benefits, the high reliability of these hybrid products is exhibited by the rugged poly-Si gate, high single pulse avalanche energy rating, voltage rating, and hermetically sealed isolated packaging (flat pack, 12-pin package). Class H and K Level screening based on MIL-PRF-38534 are available.

Much like SSDI’s other standard products, this initial hybrid family only provides a glimpse of the capabilities available to customers. Additional requirements such as built-in Zener diode protection, gate resistor, built-in isolated / non-isolated gate drivers and anti-parallel diode for faster switching as well as other modifications can be addressed by SSDI’s in-house engineering and manufacturing team. SSDI can also provide package or lead modifications and die selection / matching for optimal performance over the full operating temperature range.