Solving the Data Integration Challenge for the IIoT Ecosystem

June 01, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Bit Stew Systems announced the launch of version 10 of their MIx Core™ platform, a self-serve solution for intelligent data management for the IIoT ecosystem. Bit Stew's MIx Core is purpose-built to handle complex data integration and data analysis to provide intelligence from connected devices at the edge, OT and IT systems, and external sources. Unlike conventional ETL and BI tools, MIx Core automates data integration by applying machine intelligence to the process, which reduces project costs by an average of 90% compared to traditional approaches.

The underlying technology of MIx Core provides an unmatched capability to integrate data in even the most dynamic and complex industrial environments. The platform applies its library of machine learning algorithms using the MIx Core Analytic Framework. The framework applies groups of algorithms in an ensemble, processing and analyzing data at the document level, and giving richer context to extracting semantics. Once the platform either creates or extends a semantic model, it can continue to enrich the model's entity relationships by marking and analyzing the data's byte sequences and patterns through assertion-based logic.

"Gone are the days of large integration teams and never ending data problems. Small teams can now solve big industrial problems with MIx Core," says Franco Castaldini, Bit Stew's Vice President, Marketing. "The introduction of version 10 and the new Data Management Workbench provides a self-service experience that enables IT and OT professionals to quickly model, map and ingest data from disparate sources."

Franco says, "The platform removes the time and cost associated with continuous data wrangling which empowers industrial enterprises to transform and optimize their business, realize cost reductions, optimize asset performance, and improve productivity."

Bit Stew partnered with GE to solve the data integration challenge at scale for complex industrial data environments. GE and Bit Stew worked with a large customer to rapidly integrate a complex and vast ecosystem of unstructured and structured data, stored across multiple data lakes, with IT and OT systems to create a single pane of glass view of operations. By overcoming the data integration challenge, the outcome gained was a real-time contextual understanding of operations, something previously unattainable.

MIx Core enables edge processing through automated data ingestion, modeling, and mapping capabilities. The platform ingests data directly from equipment sensors without the need for extensive API libraries. A federated architecture supports analytics from control systems to cloud environments, allowing the application of analytics to data while in motion. This enables real-time access to actionable insights, in a local context, to vastly improve operational agility.

Bit Stew's MIx Core has been standardized, from the beginning, on Intel's processors both in the data center and at the edge. The MIx Core platform interacts with embedded technology layers such as an Intel IoT Gateway using Intel's MQTT broker to receive sensor data, perform analytics on that data, and transmit the results to a cloud-based instance of the platform. This is an example of how Bit Stew and Intel solve the data integration, processing and analytics challenge at the edge, helping industrial enterprises derive faster time to value from IIoT.