Solantro Semi Raises $11 Million to Accelerate Volume Manufacturing

April 08, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Solantro Semiconductor Corp., focused on the development of digital power processor (dP2) chipsets designed and built specifically to measure, process and drive complex power architectures from distributed energy resources, announced today that it has closed $11 million as part of a series B round to expand its early lead in renewable power conversion semiconductor ICs. This financing includes existing investors (Black Coral Capital, BDC, Presidio Ventures, Clean Energy Venture Group and EDC) as well as new investor Inerjys Ventures.

Solantro is pioneering digital power processor technology (dP2) used to control, sense and drive next generation power conversion topologies. Solantro secured the additional financing to support volume ramp with customers. Solantro's chips are the building blocks for next-generation grid-tied and off-grid applications – built in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

“Solantro’s goal is to enable our customers to deliver the best and lowest cost solutions to the renewable power market” said Antoine Paquin, CEO of Solantro. “This capital secures the necessary resources to continue to respond to growing customer demand”.

Soltrano currently offers three ICs: Analog power manager and controller (APM) IC contains analog sensing, power generation and MOSFET drivers for building dc-ac micro-inverters, dc-dc power optimizers and rapid shutdown. Maximizer – DC Controller (MAXC) IC is the central controller for PV-module dc-optimizer and rapid shutdown. Provides control functions for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and power switching timing functions for APM drivers. And the IXC IC controls all ac-stage functions including reactive power injected into the electrical grid. Provides control functions for MPPT and supervision of MOSFET based power train. The under-development Arc-fault detection (AFD) IC will be a complete arc-fault solution.