Smartcase includes Full Battery, Wireless Charging, Memory and More

January 04, 2017 by Power Pulse1595211359

Hello ZEE announced its Apple certified ZEE Smart Case line of products, an intelligent universal ZEE Smart Core that provides an all-in-one accessory in one sleek package. The product line provides stylish protection while simultaneously adding power, light, memory, and cutting edge charging capabilities to any Apple and Android phone or tablet.

"The ZEE Core Smart Case is not just your traditional mobile accessory. It's designed to last through your digital life time and offers an instant upgrade to any mobile device that you own," says Hello ZEE founder Henry Elgrissy. "Imagine never having to worry if your external battery works with your new device or any other device you own, or not having to buy a completely new set of accessories every time you upgrade your phone. That is the freedom the ZEE Smart Core provides."

The central feature of the ZEE Smart Case line is the ZEE Smart Core, the most comprehensive multipurpose mobile accessory available. The Smart Core is Apple-certified and designed for the iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablets, GoPro cameras and any other mobile device carrying a USB, a Micro USB or a lightning port. The Smart Core features a 2600mAh smart battery, wireless charging and micro USB charging capabilities, up to 128 GB of additional internal memory, and a powerful LED light for stunning mobile photos and videos in any condition. Powered by the ZEE Core App, now users can fully customize when their phone will start or stop charging, and enjoy an array of fun features of their LED light personalized, convenient, and intuitive experience.

With 2600mAh of additional power, the ZEE Smart Case is an instant power boost. Manage charging with the ZEE Core App to monitor usage and start, stop, and program charging sessions for a fully automated battery experience. The app can detect when the battery on its partnered mobile device is low and automatically initiate charging.

For users still waiting for wireless charging on their Apple or Android mobile device, wait no more. The ZEE Smart Case offers the freedom of wireless charging with a built-in module that feeds directly into paired mobile device. Simply place the device on any QI charge pad – the ZEE Smart Case will automatically direct power to the mobile device, and once it is full the Smart Case will charge itself. It also features a dual use Micro USB charging port for traditional charging and connecting devices across platforms.

The ZEE Smart Case is also a portable hard drive. It comes in 3 memory sizes: 32 GB Gun Metal, 64 GB Silver and 128 GB Gold. Connect the ZEE Smart Case via the dual use charging port to any PC or Mac and easily transfer files back and forth with no need of iTunes, always have music, pictures, or use the built in viewer for documents and PDF files. The ZEE Smart Core App can help manage the files and facilitate easy transfer across popular operating systems and software. Built-in encryption protects data with both touch and password identification compatibility.

Lighting conditions are always perfect with the ZEE LED Light. Fully programmable and adjustable through the ZEE Smart Core App, the 5600 Lumen LED Light built from 6X 2W Smart LED diodes can do more than flash – adjust using the in-app dimmer for the perfect lighting, and even set the LED to flash to the beat of the music with Party Mode.