SatCon Delivers StarSine PCS to PowerLight and ZBB

April 10, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

SatCon Technology Corp. (Cambridge, MA) announced that it delivered StarSine Power Conditioning Systems (PCS) to PowerLight Corp. (Berkeley, CA) and ZBB Energy Corp. (Menomonee Falls, WI) as part of a collaborative effort to generate on-site clean, solar electricity. The 50kW distributed power system will be installed at a Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center facility in Brooklyn, NY. The photovoltaic panels, advanced battery and StarSine PCSs will collectively work as a solar energy system to generate and store electricity in coordination with the utility grid.

"We're pleased to be supplying our StarSine PCSs for this important demonstration of clean power generation using sunlight as the source of power," said SatCon President and CEO David Eisenhaure. "These distributed power systems are an important step to achieving the US federal government's initiative to reduce dependence on hydro-carbon fuels and to secure domestic energy while reducing green-house gases. In today's economy, clean, low-cost and reliable power is becoming a priority for many businesses in the US and across the world. Having that power generated and stored on-site brings the added benefit of power independence."