Saft Develops Super-Phosphate Technology For Rigorous Defense Applications

November 04, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Saft has expanded its range of lithium technologies with the VL 10V Fe Super-Phosphate™. These large cells are designed for defense applications, such as U.S. Navy undersea operations, requiring very high power and safe operation.

"Saft’s advanced lithium iron phosphate technology fills a void in the market for high power lithium batteries for use in applications with low abuse tolerance," said Thomas Alcide, Saft Specialty Battery Group General Manager. "Saft’s cells have superior power (W/kg) and a better trade-off between power and energy than standard lithium iron phosphate technology."

Saft designed and developed the VL 10V Fe Super-Phosphate cell capable of producing continuous power of 7 kW/kg, which the company says makes it the world’s highest power lithium iron phosphate cell.

According to Saft, compared with standard lithium iron phosphate cells, the Super-Phosphate cell, in addition to its ability to accept very high regenerative charge rates, features proven safety, longer cycle life, better calendar life and a wide operating temperature range, including superior lower temperature performance.