Real-Time Power System and Microgrid Modeling

August 30, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Power Analytics Corporation (PAC) has unveiled extensive updates to its Paladin suite of products. These updates add functionality backed by solid patented technology and maintain the highest standard in real time power systems modeling and microgrid design. The DesignBase Catalog enables grid element manufacturers to differentiate their products based on their performance in complex power models. PAC has developed a software developer's kit to enable manufacturers to provide the most accurate information and specifications about their products. Grid elements in the catalog are available to thousands of customers designing distributed energy resources and microgrids worldwide.

With the introduction of DesignBase Catalog, users now have access to the most up-to-date grid elements available when designing complex power systems. "Building a power system model is now as simple as dragging and dropping a product into your design and having instant access to all of the operational, sizing, and simulation details of the component," said Taylor Brockman, Power Analytics' chief technology officer. Current users of DesignBase 5 Service Pack 2 can download and install the update on the company's website.

Power Analytics' partners agree that the DesignBase Catalog agent is the most reliable way to put certified grid elements into a power system model. "Rather than dropping a generic unit into a design, this tool lets you add a professionally-modeled solar panel and get a clear picture of how your design will operate in the real world," said Marvin Talbert, Business Development Leader at SolarWorld.

"This functionality is especially important and timely for anyone designing a microgrid," said Kevin Meagher, Power Analytics chief operating officer. "We will continue to add world class products like SolarWorld PV solutions for use in microgrid designs for communities that we are participating with as part of New York Governor Cuomo's Reforming the Energy Vision (NY Rev) initiative."

The Paladin suite now includes the capability to seamlessly integrate with Eaton Foreseer®, as well as energy management systems and DCIM solutions from Schneider Electric and Emerson™, without additional capital investments in legacy products. The patented, real time functionality of Paladin Live provides advanced features such as real time Arc Flash Analysis capabilities, which could help save lives and billions in operational expenses per year. "Implementing the Paladin Live software suite turns any high availability environment with distributed assets, such as a data center, into a highly reliable microgrid capable of participating in transactive energy," said Tom Gordon, Power Analytics' SVP of Operations.