Rapid Development of Smart LED Lighting Solutions - Prototyping Platform

March 09, 2020 by Paul Shepard

ON Semiconductor has introduced the Connected Lighting Platform, leveraging the company's expertise in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and ultra-low-power Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity, along with ac-dc and dc-dc power conversion design. The platform is extremely energy efficient and features wireless control (on/off, dimming, etc.) and two independently controlled LED channels that provide a maximum brightness of 7000 lumens.

This prototyping platform enables engineering teams to explore and innovate in the connected lighting sector, where light fittings become part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Connected Lighting Platform features multiple forms of connectivity for LED control, including secured Bluetooth Low Energy, provided by the RSL10 SIP, and Power over Ethernet.

It offers up to 90 Watts output power and provides two independent channels, each able to supply and control up to 16 LEDs. The high-efficiency modular platform also enables the development of battery-less LED lighting applications when used together with the Energy Harvesting Bluetooth Low Energy Switch.

The base platform comprises of four components:

  • An LED module, supporting 2 strings (warm white and cool white) of 16 LEDs
  • A Bluetooth(R) Low Energy connectivity board featuring RSL10 SIP
  • An ac-dc power board (Vin 90- to 270-Vac, Vout D55-Vdc, Pout electrical: 70W, Power Factor > 0.99 at full load)
  • An LED driver board featuring FL7760 (Dimming down to 0.6%, Telemetry data, 12-bit PWM)

Comprehensive software tools support the Connected Lighting Platform, including an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), various use-cases, and mobile apps. The platform allows LEDs to be controlled wirelessly using the RSL10 Sense and Control app (available for iOS® and Google Play™), or through a web client. Using the RSL10 FOTA app (iOS®,Google Play™) firmware updates can be easily sent after the application has been deployed.

Alongside the platform, ON Semiconductor has also developed a PoE module for high-power, wired connectivity. Based on the IEEE 802.3bt compliant NCP1096 interface controller, the module extends the platform to provide access to 90W of power that can now be delivered through an Ethernet cable.

Features and Applications

  • High-power lighting features
  • Up to 2 Strings of 16 LEDs (7000 Lumen)
  • Dual independent LED Channel
  • White balance control (12-bit Dimmer from 0 to Max)
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Zigbee™ GreenPower (Q2/20)
  • Compliant with multiple industry standards
  • High efficiency power conversion (>90% at full load)

Commenting on the introduction of the Connected Lighting Platform, Wiren Perera, who heads IoT strategy at ON Semiconductor, said: "Lighting is one of the most significant consumers of energy across the globe. By combining flexibility, wireless control, and energy efficiency, the Connected Lighting Platform allows manufacturers to drastically reduce their energy consumption while providing greater user convenience."