Premo to Highlight 3DPower and Wireless Charging at PCIM Europe

April 15, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Premo Group’s 3Dpower, a new concept in power magnetics integration, will be one of the highlights of the company’s presentations at PCIM Europe. This product enables Premo to solve the engineering challenge of integrating magnetics: in this case it consists of a choke and a transformer.

Unlike other magnetics integration technologies, both components share the whole core volume in the 3DPower.

For this purpose, the magnetic field of one component is orthogonal to the other, resulting in 2 independent and fully uncoupled magnetic elements. Designs can be fully customized to meet any customer requirement.

Wireless charging

The invention provides a flexible magnetic core that can withstand impacts, flexion and torsion with deformation but without breaking the core, thus keeping the magnetic properties when the flexion or torsion efforts disappear.

This invention aims to solve the problem of the fragility of the magnetic cores of long inductive devices used in electronics either as chokes, inductors or LF antenna from 1kHz to 13.56MHz mostly used in RFID application in automotive with extensive use for keyless entry systems at 20kHz, 125kHz and 134kHz, extended but not limited to the applications for NFC at frequencies in the range of 13.56MHz.

The flexible magnetic core of the invention can be used for inducers and electric transformers for energy storage and conversion or filtering, provide a non-breakable & low weight characteristic which are so important for the current and future high volume production of power converter in hybrid & electric vehicles, decreasing the carbon foot print in the Earth.