PowerSphyr and GaN Systems Partner on GaN-based Wireless Power

February 12, 2019 by Scott McMahan

PowerSphyr, a developer of wireless charging and GaN Systems, announced a strategic agreement with GaN Systems to develop state-of-the-art GaN-based wireless power systems for high-powered applications across consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors worldwide.

PowerSphyr delivers end-to-end wireless power charging solutions for the automotive, consumer, and industrial markets, and it supports the three key industry standards for wireless power charging: Magnetic Induction; Magnetic Resonance; and RF Energy Harvesting.

GaN Systems offers a portfolio of GaN transistors that uniquely address the needs of industries including data center servers, renewable energy systems, automotive, industrial motors, and consumer electronics.

According to the companies, the collaboration leverages PowerSphyr's 65+ years of collective wireless power technology expertise and GaN Systems' GaN semiconductors. The partnership demonstrates the commitment of the companies to delivering easy-to-use, high-performance, and complete wireless charging solutions.

With the partnership, PowerSphyr and GaN Systems are working together to develop hardware and firmware solutions that adhere to wireless charging standards. The companies also intend to develop next-generation power and functional capabilities that exceed anything offered in the market.

GaN transistors are the best means for higher power level applications from 30W up to several kilowatts, and much greater power can be achieved with GaN than with conventional silicon solutions. Such GaN solutions provide the building blocks to achieve higher power, higher efficiency, and lower cost in wireless power transmitters.

Already, GaN-based wireless power solutions have enabled faster charging, higher power transfer, and new system designs that are removing the limitations of distance and power and moving charging beyond phones into anything imaginable including power tools, robots, drones, and e-bikes.

"GaN Systems was a clear choice as a strategic partner," said Neil Ganz, CEO and Chairman of PowerSphyr. "We selected GaN Systems on the basis of our strategic vision for delivering fast, flexible, and complete wireless charging solutions, and their ability to rapidly deliver a complete family of robust, reliable, best-in-class semiconductors."

"Cutting the cord began with the telephone then ethernet LAN and now the power cord," said Jim Witham, GaN Systems CEO. "A world without cords is becoming a realization because of collaboration with visionary companies like PowerSphyr, whose technology, approach, and expertise is uniquely positioned to accelerate the wireless power transfer and charging marketplace."