PowerDsine and Sifos Partner to Develop IEEE802.3at High-Power PoE Solutions

August 15, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

PowerDsine Ltd. and Sifos Technologies Inc. announced that the two companies will collaborate to deliver solutions that assist customers to quickly design and verify Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions capable of delivering up to 56W of power. This collaboration will ensure that implementers of pre-standard High-Power PoE technology solutions will have available both chipset solutions and the means of testing such solutions, thus reducing time to market. Additionally, the planned collaboration will continue so that as the standardization activities of the IEEE802.3at committee evolve, both companies will adapt their solutions in accordance with the new requirements of the standard and help customers launch products in a quick and timely manner.

"With several customers' adoption of PowerDsine's new High-Power PoE solution based on our PD83000 micro-controller, the ability to test pre-standard High Power over Ethernet became important," said Igal Rotem, CEO of PowerDsine. "Sifos' flexible PSA test equipment allows customers to implement testing patterns according to the latest updates based on the continued work of the IEEE802.3at task force."

"Sifos is pleased to be working with PowerDsine, an expert in Power over Ethernet. We are able to gain access to the information, expertise, and tools that can help us offer the best possible test solutions to our customers going forward," said David Lucia, CEO of Sifos.

The collaboration between PowerDsine and Sifos will likely facilitate the deployment of high power applications in a simpler and more cost effective manner with High-Power PoE as the IEEE802.3at standard evolves.