Power Measurement Offers ECR Energy Meter

June 24, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Power Measurement Ltd. (Victoria, BC), a provider of enterprise energy-management systems, now offers an extended current range (ECR) option for its ION 8000 Series intelligent revenue meters. For electric utilities and independent power providers, the feature can reduce the cost of building new generation assets, by eliminating the need to install more than one meter with multiple sets of current transformers (CTs).

Paul Doig, Power Measurement marketing manager, stated, "CTs are commonly used to 'step down' the high current levels of a power system to a point where they are compatible with the input range of a metering device. A typical generation facility uses two sets of CTs: one set to track the high levels of electricity produced when the generator is running, and another set to track the comparatively low levels of electricity delivered to the facility when the generator is off. By using a single meter with a single set of extended range CTs to monitor both high-generation current and low-load current, the power producer can avoid the cost of buying and installing a second set of CTs. This can result in significant savings."

The ECR option is available now on the ION 8300, ION 8400 and ION 8500 revenue meters.