Power Electronics and Control Enclosure Platform for the Energy World

May 23, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Rittal is presenting its new VX25 large enclosure system as the highlight of its appearance at “The smarter E” trade fair. The VX25 is the first enclosure system designed specifically to boost productivity in control and switchgear manufacturing and Industry 4.0 value chains.

The VX25 offers the highest possible quality and consistency of data, reduced complexity and savings in time, as well as safe assembly. More than 25 registered property rights demonstrate the high level of innovation involved.

At the trade fair, Rittal will be demonstrating that its products can be used in cross-sector energy technologies with practical application solutions for photovoltaics (PV), energy storage and for e-mobility infrastructures.

Naturally enough, photovoltaic systems are installed outdoors. The demands made on the components installed – including outdoor enclosures – are correspondingly high. What is needed are world-wide available solutions with international approvals such as UL, as well as a high level of protection against a wide range of environmental conditions, combined with maximum opportunities for simple and fast interior installation.

With its outdoor enclosure system, Rittal is presenting two variants for the installation of central converters: one variant for extreme environmental conditions (stainless steel, aluminum, double-walled, corrosivity category C4-H/C5-M in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944) and one variant for moderate ambient conditions (sheet steel, single-walled and corrosivity category C3).

Furthermore, Rittal will also be presenting its PK small enclosures made of polycarbonate and its KS compact enclosures made of plastic. These can also be ideally used in photovoltaics as robust outdoor enclosures for the protection of controls for solar-tracking systems and as distribution enclosures for power cables from the PV module.

With its new IoT interface, Rittal is also laying the foundations for the optimal integration of its “Blue e+” series of cooling units and chillers in Industry 4.0 applications. This makes continuous communication from the sensor to the cloud possible, as well as connection to superordinate monitoring or energy management systems.

This is paving the way for new applications and smart service solutions (“smart maintenance”). For example, the options make optimization of maintenance and servicing of climate control solutions possible, lowering operating costs.

Energy storage: Infrastructure right to the container

Infrastructure solutions for energy storage systems can also be implemented with Rittal components. The range of standardized, coordinated and globally available approved components extends from individual enclosure systems to complete container solutions. As a result, system integrators and plant constructors are provided with solutions for mechanical, power distribution and air conditioning solutions from a single source and thus only need to integrate their battery modules.

Rittal is also presenting a battery enclosure from Tesvolt to demonstrate its expertise in the growing energy storage market. This is based on a fully outdoor-capable enclosure for extreme environments, including outdoor heat exchangers. Possible areas of application include the provision of buffer functions for e-mobility charging infrastructures.

With two further solutions, Rittal is showing how battery storage enclosures based on the VX25 can be expanded, both with heavy-duty shelves (the “Commeo” customer application) and with 19-inch systems.

E-mobility: Secure enclosures for charging stations

Finally, Rittal will be presenting its expertise as a system partner for enclosure solutions in e-mobility infrastructures. An enclosure concept for e-mobility charging stations will be demonstrated. Rittal technology guarantees maximum safety for the electronic system and protection against vandalism. It is also suited to outdoor use.