PEI-Genesis Now Configuring Power Supplies from Emerson Network Power

February 15, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

PEI-Genesis, Inc. is now UL-certified and holding inventory to add value to power supply solutions from Emerson Network Power.

A broad range of Emerson Network Power standard products, including medical and industrial grade configurable power supplies, are available for modification. The addition of this line expands PEI-Genesis’ standard offering for power products to 4920W. All modified standard power products are assembled within PEI’s five-day turnaround, which is said to be substantially quicker than typical industry lead times. No minimum order quantities are required.

"PEI-Genesis is focused on delivering highly-tailored solutions quickly, and with superior engineering support," said Russel Dorwart, president and COO, PEI-Genesis. "We have passed UL certification and are fully stocked to assemble Emerson Network Power products for design engineers in North America and Europe. We believe that our speed and technical expertise combined with Emerson’s broad range of configurable power options will give our customers vast choice with immediate satisfaction."

"As a distribution partner, PEI-Genesis provides us with an exceptional channel to deliver our products. Their no minimum quantity policy means that R&D engineers can get Emerson

Network Power products modified to their exact specifications in just five days, and order only one piece, if that’s all they need," said Greg White, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Embedded Power, Emerson Network Power. "We view this capability as a terrific competitive edge for us."