Parametric Power Supply Search – A Time Saver for Engineers

May 23, 2017 by Jeff Shepard

Engineers will agree that defining the right power supply for their applications seems to be an easy job in the first place. But the more they start to investigate about their applications specific needs, it quickly transforms into a demanding task.

Basic specifications, like input or output voltage and form factor are mostly defined without any concerns. But as soon as the power budget is under consideration, some engineers immediately have to do assumptions on their applicationsÂ’ need for power. In some cases - especially if it is a stand-alone application - the power budget can be roughly calculated by the sum of all used components power need. Nevertheless uncertainties typically arise in the power-up phase (how much power does the system require for initial start) and if bouncing loads occur in the application.

PULS GmbH is well aware of these potential uncertainties. Therefore PULS provides a built in "bonus power" for many of its power supplies. Moreover space constraints became a challenge for many engineers. Because of this, PULS designs its power supplies as compact as possible.

At a certain stage all requirements for the power supply are defined. Now there is a risk of wasting precious time in navigating through various different website in the pursuit of finding the right product.

Digi-Key as a leading online distribution company realized, that engineersÂ’ time should not be stressed with online research and market analysis. Searching for the right components should be easy and begin with technical requirements in the first place.

Digi-Key's parametric search function for power supplies offers an easy start with basic requirements and then enables the engineer to further narrow down his search until a solid selection of relevant power supplies remains.

Digi-Key's parametric search also provides a filter on efficiency, a major quality indicator for power supplies. Therefore PULS, known for its high efficient power supplies, appreciates that its power supplies are now also available on Digi-Key's website.

Nevertheless, engineers might not find all wanted requirements in Digi-Key's parametric search engine yet, but after the first selection, browsing the remaining products' data sheets is less time consuming. Last but not least, it is the quality of data sheets making the difference.