OXIS Energy and Sanyo Trading Bringing Li-S Batteries to Japan

November 21, 2019 by Paul Shepard

OXIS Energy UK Ltd and Sanyo Trading Company Ltd have embarked on an ambitious plan to bring the latest in Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) cell and battery systems technology into Japan. They have signed a Trading Partnership Agreement, whereby both companies will collaborate. Sanyo Trading will represent OXIS Energy and will concentrate on markets like Aviation, Marine, Defense and Heavy Electric Vehicles (HEVs), such as trains, buses and trucks.

OXIS will undertake the transfer of technology and skills, whereby Sanyo Trading will provide pre and post sales support to the Japanese market and where necessary, support the major Japanese corporations outside Japan. OXIS will cross license its technology and allow Sanyo Trading to use OXIS IPR, the products and materials necessary to execute the services and obligations required to address targeted customers in Japan.

Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO OXIS Energy said, "This is a major step forward for OXIS Energy. Japan is one of the most sophisticated of markets when it comes to rechargeable lithium battery technology. In fact, it was a Japanese company that first commercialized Lithium-ion batteries back in 1991. Li-ion has been in existence for almost 30 years. OXIS Li-S has superior energy performance and safety and will probably replace Lithium-ion over the next 5-10 years."

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Originally designed for mobile phones and laptops, the world market for vehicles - air, land and sea, demands significant improvement in energy density and safety. OXIS is already shipping Li-S cells in excess of 400 Wh/kg and our scientists are confident of achieving in excess of 500 Wh/kg by 2020/21.

Aviation and HEVs are two key target markets to benefit from OXIS Li-S gains in energy density, safety and lightness of weight. This partnership with Sanyo Trading, a publicly listed company in Japan, with annual sales of US $800 million, will see the established customer base in Japan benefit from this breakthrough in Li-S cell and battery technology."

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Masanobu Shintani, President and CEO Sanyo Trading said, "From our 40 years business experience in the automotive industry, we believe that Lithium Sulfur batteries will be one of the most promising solutions for electrification in this industry. It also has the capability to penetrate into next generation mobility such as eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft). In order for us to be able to face this big challenge whilst contributing to society, OXIS and its remarkable Lithium Sulfur technology is our best partner."