ON Semi & Silicon Catalyst Partner on Next Generation of Innovation

November 12, 2017 by Paul Shepard

In a drive toward assuring the next generation of innovation in the digital world, ON Semiconductor Corporation has joined the network on corporate affiliates of Silicon Catalyst, the global incubator focused exclusively on solutions in silicon. This relationship provides further commitment to the development of a supportive ecosystem for semiconductor start-ups and commitment to silicon innovation.

The ecosystem provides ON Semiconductor with early access to the innovative Portfolio Companies of Silicon Catalyst and the opportunity to consult with Silicon Catalyst in the pursuit of startups that align with ON Semiconductor’s current and future focus markets.

“ON Semiconductor’s recent growth has been fueled by the cultivation of strategic business and technologies, complimentary to areas where we are innovating,” said Mamoon Rashid, senior vice president of strategic business ventures at ON Semiconductor.

“The need for a strong ecosystem for the development of new semiconductor companies and their innovations is clear. ON Semiconductor is excited to participate in the Silicon Catalyst ecosystem, both gaining access to early silicon innovations as well as provide guidance and intellectual resources needed to support ongoing development in the semiconductor industry,” continued Rashid.

"Joining forces with ON Semiconductor will accelerate the development of the ecosystem for the next generation of innovation in silicon,” said Nick Kepler, managing partner at Silicon Catalyst. “The insight and real world experience that ON Semiconductor will provide to us and to our Portfolio Companies will be invaluable. We’ve already seen a great impact from ON Semiconductor, and our other partners, as the outlook for semiconductor startups today is the best it has been in the past decade, and continues to improve.”

In the past 24 months, Silicon Catalyst has screened well over 100 start-ups from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. The 12 startups admitted to the incubator are developing innovations in LED, energy, silicon photonics, memory technology, wireless communications, and biomedical devices.

“These 12 start-ups are proof that the semiconductor start-up ecosystem is thriving, and there is no lack of great ideas and inspiration,” added Lazansky.