O2Micro Granted Patent for Pre-Boot Security System

September 16, 2004 by Jeff Shepard

O2Micro International Ltd. (George Town, Grand Cayman), a supplier of power management and security ICs to mobile computer and communications manufacturers, was granted 18 claims under European patent number 1,001,331 for its patented Pre-Boot Security Controller system, which includes an embedded memory IC that protects the system from operation by unauthorized users. Using this invention, a higher level of security is achieved since the machine will not boot until the user provides a pre-determined PIN. It provides security for notebook, desktop and other microprocessor-controlled devices.

Max Huang, O2Micro's executive vice president of the Intelligent E-Commerce Business Unit, stated, "Similar to vehicle entry PIN systems, our O2Micro's patented technology protects PCs by preventing the system from operating without knowledge of the access code. This invention illustrates O2Micro's continued focus on innovative security solutions for critical business applications."