NXP Announces First PC Power Supply Solution To Achieve The 80 PLUS Gold Standard

July 24, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

NXP Semiconductors announced that its GreenChip PC chipset has achieved 80 PLUS Gold certification for a reference design, as set by Ecos Consulting and the 80 PLUS Program. With efficiency of well over 90%, this is said to be the first PC desktop power supply reference solution to meet the stringent demands of the Gold standard, helping to enable the PC industry to accelerate its green power roadmaps.

NXP claims that it is the first company to create a cost-effective energy-efficient chipset for PC power supplies, which is easy to manufacture and ready to deliver to the mass consumer market now. The company claims that desktops with the GreenChip PC solution installed will cut energy losses up to 50% compared to the average desktop. NXP estimates that 160 million desktop PCs equipped with 80 PLUS Gold-certified supplies will save the equivalent of 200 million tons of CO2 emission.

NXP’s GreenChip PC chipset solution has been designed to exceed all relevant current and future industry standards. By future-proofing the chipset, NXP states that it has made it easier for the PC industry to develop power-efficient products today and tomorrow.

Edwin Kluter, Marketing Director, Power Solutions Product Line, NXP Semiconductors, said, "We are pleased to announce that NXP’s GreenChip PC solution has passed this significant landmark. Passing the 80 PLUS Gold standard demonstrates NXP’s commitment to the process of reducing power consumption. The company is pushing manufacturers to deliver greener products today by providing a solution that is available now."

"We want to recognize NXP for being first in the industry to reach the 80 PLUS Gold level for a multiple output reference design," said Jason Boehlke, Channel Manager for Ecos Consulting and the 80 PLUS program. "The value of 80 PLUS is made available by a partnership between manufacturers, utilities and consumers and is helping to bring forward new market innovations and efficiencies that are helping to enable greener IT solutions."

The GreenChip PC chipset solution is available now and shipping in Europe, the US, APAC and Japan.