NPS Helps SC Johnson Produce Energy

May 06, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Northern Power Systems (NPS, Waitsfield, VT) announced that it has been selected by SC Johnson to engineer, build and install a sophisticated cogeneration power system at the company's Waxdale plant in Racine, WI. Northern's system will burn methane gas from a nearby landfill to generate a capacity of 3.2MW of electricity (one-half of the facility's current power demand) and recover the waste heat from the exhaust to make 17,000lbs of plant steam per hour (or 17 million BTUs).

The new cogeneration system utilizes a 3,200kW turbine with a heat-recovery steam generator, proprietary Northern system controls, power electronics, conditioning equipment, storage, and environmental systems and housing. The system is expected to yield $2.66 million in annual energy savings based on electricity demand reduction and natural gas savings.