Nextek Power Adds Efficient Ceiling Fans To Lighting Products In Solar-Ready Systems

April 06, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Nextek Power Systems, Inc. announced the acquisition of RCH Fanworks, a leading dc ceiling fan company.

"The market for dc powered appliances of every sort has been growing rapidly for high efficiency buildings, and solar photovoltaic installations. This well-tested product fits right into our strategy to deliver the key elements customers need to build renewable-ready dc-powered networks using dc-devices and matched Direct Coupling® power supplies," stated Nextek CEO, Paul Savage.

The Vari-Fan and Vari-Cyclone fan models accept 12-24V dc and join Nextek’s line of dimmable fluorescent ballast for use in dc power systems.

In 2008, Nextek joined with Armstrong Worldwide Industries, Johnson Controls, OSRAM Sylvania and WAVE to create the EMerge Alliance, the first national effort to create a dc power standard for buildings. Nextek CTO Ben Hartman noted "We have lots of innovative dc-based products in our development pipeline, but they will only succeed in an environment where there are basic standards as to safety and usability." Hartman is also the Chairman of the EMerge Alliance’s Technical Standards Working Group.

Nextek states that its patented products and systems allow for higher efficiency operation on both ac and dc inputs. "By centralizing the production of dc from the grid-supplied ac, we can do it at higher efficiency than conventional power supplies at each device. Even more stunning is the improvement when using on-site renewable energy or batteries which are by nature dc and therefore need no conversion," Savage said.

The company claims a new efficiency benchmark for fluorescent lighting worldwide and an early lead in LED lighting technology, which is intrinsically dc. Energy efficiency savings, better renewable energy use and Smart Grid components that integrate power storage are key initiatives funded with $21.8 billion out of the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that was signed into Law on February 17th 2009.