Networked Control and Power for LED Lighting Systems

March 10, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

C3 Lighting Solutions, Inc. has developed a networked system that places the power, dimming control, scheduling and energy management of LED lighting in a single, centrally located device separate from the LED fixtures. C3's remote power technology can switch between ac mains, solar, wind, hydrogen cell, or battery stored power and can also supply dc power for office or personal electronic devices. This allows the system to function as a building's "dc micro-grid."

C3’s products by reduce the complexity, size, weight and cost of LED fixtures, power supplies and controls, in addition to eliminating the need for metal conduit and large gauge wiring in most lighting installations. This technology allows the wiring for lighting to be similar to what is typically used for in-wall speaker systems, greatly reducing installation costs and providing a substantial reduction in a buildings’ carbon footprint.

“Remotely locating and combining the power, control, and energy management of an entire LED lighting system in one device provides countless advantages over current LED and fluorescent lighting that require AC power to be ran to a ballast or LED driver in each fixture,” commented Rick Farrell, President of C3 Lighting Solutions, Inc. “Microprocessor control, on-board memory and a clock-calendar allow dimming of any light or room in a building, scheduling when a light will be on or off, changing the color of light output, programming “dawn-to-dusk” illumination indoors, and monitoring energy usage. This technology can power and control up to 50,000 Watts of dc power and interfaces with most industry standard lighting control systems. Control can be wired or wireless and will also accept DMX commands.”

C3’s power and control network for lighting can serve as the communication backbone for a Building Management System without incurring the expense of the additional wiring typically required. C3’s technology makes lighting a managed resource and the investment even more compelling with its substantial reduction in environmental impact.