MTI Micro Delivers Fuel Cell Prototypes to Samsung

November 16, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc., a subsidiary of Mechanical Technology Inc. (MTI), announced delivery of next-generation fuel cell-powered prototype units to Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Samsung). This is the first in a series of planned deliveries resulting from the alliance formed between MTI Micro and Samsung in May 2006.

MTI Micro is developing next-generation fuel cell prototypes based on its patented direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology known as Mobion®. Together, the two companies are exploring ways to potentially power a series of Samsung's mobile phone and mobile phone accessories with fuel cell technology so new media-rich features (e.g. video, audio) can be added.

"In next generation cellular phones, features like mobile satellite TV, streaming video, 3D gaming and other multimedia applications will consume even more power," said Peng Lim, CEO, MTI Micro Fuel Cells. "Traditional power sources like lithium-ion batteries cannot keep pace with OEM desires to incorporate these media-rich features in future consumer electronic devices. We applaud Samsung for leading the charge to discover better power sources like fuel cells for mobile phones and mobile phone accessories."

MTI Micro and Samsung are cooperating to develop, test, and evaluate Mobion® prototypes for various mobile phone applications. Samsung continues to put its resources into this joint effort which will help determine the best approach for powering the next-generation of feature-rich devices in the consumer electronics industry. Upon successful completion of this agreement, MTI Micro and Samsung intend to continue to work together by entering into a product commercialization agreement.