Motorola Transfers MC12000 Series to Lansdale

November 15, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Motorola Inc.'s Semiconductor Products Sector (SPS, Austin, TX) has agreed to transfer to Lansdale Semiconductor Inc. (Tempe, AZ) the MC12000 Series, which includes the 12002, 12009, 12011, 120113, 12040 and 12061 ICs. Under the terms of the product acquisition agreement, Lansdale becomes the sole-source semiconductor aftermarket supplier of the MC12000 line.

According to Motorola SPS, the move supports the company's global customer base as it continues to downsize, obsoleting more product lines. Motorola SPS assured customers that they would still receive an on-going supply of ICs for numerous applications. All products transferred to Lansdale will be manufactured under strictest quality controls, meeting Motorola's original design specifications and high-performance standards.