Motorola Offers Searchable CD-ROM For TMOS Power MOSFETs

March 11, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Motorola Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) is offering a new searchable CD-ROM for its TMOS Power MOSFETs designed to allow engineers to quickly select the exact device for their applications. The TMOS CD-ROM contains a selector guide, data sheets, device cross-references and application notes in PDF format. Device reliability data, packaging and thermal specifications are also included, as well as SPICE and SABER models.The selector guide offers pull-down menus containing device selections by both package and technology. Data sheets can be viewed and printed directly form the selector guide screen. A parametric search feature allows searches to be conducted based on Rds(on), Vgs, breakdown voltage, polarity and package. Both the selector guide and search function allow users to print a report containing the results of their search.