MORNSUN Power GmbH Joint-Venture Focuses on Central Europe

January 07, 2018 by Paul Shepard

MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and SE Spezial- Electronic GmbH have founded the joint-venture company MORNSUN Power GmbH in order to offer increased on-site support to power-supply customers in central Europe.

“Central Europe is an extremely important market for MORNSUN as China’s one of the largest manufacturers of ac-dc converters, dc-dc converters, non-isolated switching regulators and IGBT and LED drivers.

“Closely co-operating with select, technically competent, specialized distributors, MORNSUN Power GmbH located in Ismaning on the outskirts of Munich, Germany, will therefore primarily focus on further optimizing the product and service portfolio offered to OEMs and medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland”, commented MORNSUN manager Tiger Li, in tandem with Rolf Aschhoff managing director of the new company, when describing the new venture.

Among others, it is planned to build a new central European warehouse to further shorten delivery times and to provide comprehensive technical support including the development of custom solutions by the company’s FAEs. For the MORNSUN manager, the elimination of previous currency risks is another significant advantage.

“Invoicing in euros provides additional planning security for all central European OEMs”, added Tiger.

As part of the joint venture, SE Spezial-Electronic will not act as a MORNSUN distributor anymore. Instead, the company will directly provide its market and product expertise to MORNSUN Power GmbH.

“As one of the pioneers and pacemakers of the Chinese electronics industry, MORNSUN founded in 1998, gave up copying products at a very early stage and became one of industry’s the most innovative companies with currently more than 240 R&D engineers and more than 300 own patents,” Aschhoff explained

Now, it’s all about making a highly successful company even more successful in central Europe. I am sure that we can sustainably reach this goal with the technically sophisticated, high-quality MORNSUN products and MORNSUN Power GmbH as a joint venture,” concluded Aschhoff.