Merger targets the DER and Microgrid Markets

April 19, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Causam Energy has completed the merger of its wholly-owned subsidiary Power Analytics™ and Power Generation Services (PoGens™). Power Analytics provides a software platform for distributed energy resources (DER), microgrids, and transactive energy customer engagement. "The combination of these two companies, which are both Causam licensees, creates the only comprehensive energy service provider with a national footprint for the design, registration, market participation, and operation of both traditional and distributed energy resources," said Joseph Forbes, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Causam Energy.

"The electric power grid is moving to a distributed architecture that emphasizes the role of microgrids, renewables and their integration and operation with the traditional grid. This merger provides additional capabilities that complement the Power Analytics' Microgrid Power Management System â„¢ (MPMS)," said Kevin Meagher, President of Power Analytics.

PoGens provides strategic energy management services for commercial and industrial customers who own distributed energy resources (DER)-distributed generation, combined heat and power (CHP), renewables, energy storage, fuel cells; and/or are registered demand response (DR) curtailment providers. The PoGens suite of products and services includes, but is not limited to: installation, monitoring, control, compliance, risk management, analysis, reporting, and the economic dispatch of DER energy, capacity, or curtailment into the North American deregulated power markets. These services enable DER owners to profitably manage and maintain their energy assets, while retaining emergency-outage preparedness for their own businesses.

"PoGens has over twelve gigawatts of generation capacity under management. This merger provides us with the underlying sophisticated software to better serve our existing and new customers as they capture the full benefits of DER and enable the progressive evolution of the traditional electric power grid," said Todd Jackson, Chief Commercial Officer of Power Generation Services.

"The combined expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art Intellectual Property of Power Analytics and PoGens create an advanced holistic portfolio of services for the emerging DER market. This portfolio will enable DER owners to design and optimize their power systems, effectively and economically manage those power systems, and seamlessly participate in the regional energy markets. We are very pleased to bring this suite of capability to the emerging DER market," said Kevin Meagher, President of Power Analytics.