McKenzie Bay Signs First State Wind Energy Customers

November 20, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

McKenzie Bay International Ltd. (Brighton, MI) has signed up its first two customers for a new system for wind power electricity generation and storage. McLaren Regional Medical Center in Flint and an apartment building in southeastern Michigan will use the WindStor system that holds electricity in batteries and for use at the best times for reducing utility bills.

McKenzie Bay founder Gary Westerholm stated that his company is taking the lead in going after the retail market for wind power.

"Everyone wants to save money on power costs and have some sort of control on future costs, and that's what our system gives them," he said.

The WindStor system stores the power generated from wind turbines in batteries that require a cubic meter for every 100kW/h. The system provides an independent power supply that can be used to supplement regular utility service and other backup generating sources. By next summer a 100kW Dermond wind turbine between 80ft and 100ft tall should be installed on the roof of the 12-story hospital. A 400kW turbine will take its place if the wind patterns meet expectations. A 1.6MW battery will be in the basement.