Maxwell and ISE-TVI to Develop Ultracapacitor Packs

February 03, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Maxwell Technologies Inc. (San Diego, CA) announced that it has entered into a strategic development and supply agreement with ISE Research-ThunderVolt Inc. (ISE-TVI, ) to collaboratively develop ultracapacitor-based energy-storage packs for hybrid-electric drive systems for buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles and stationary power systems such as fuel cells and uninterruptible power supplies.

Maxwell's PowerCache ultracapacitors are high-density energy-storage cells that deliver rapid bursts of electric power to provide dynamic range and response in applications ranging from consumer and industrial electronic devices to transportation and power-quality systems. ISE-TVI is a leading developer and marketer of advanced electric and hybrid-electric drive systems and energy storage packs for heavy-duty vehicles and stationary power systems. ISE-TVI's ThunderPack energy-storage packs integrate 149 large-cell ultracapacitors with energy-management and control circuitry to store and release more than 150kW of electrical power. Individual packs can be combined in a dual configuration rated at more than 300kW.

Dave Mazaika, ISE-TVI president, stated, “Ultracapacitor-based packs are smaller and lighter, have superior power-delivery features and can be more cost-effective than battery-based systems, and PowerCache cells' compact form factors allow us considerable flexibility in designing solutions for a wide range of applications. Maxwell's ultracapacitors offer a very compelling value proposition, and their ability to meet ISI-TVI's quality, volume and price requirements were critical factors in our selection of PowerCache products.”