Maxell Preparing for Production of Coin Type all Solid-State Batteries

February 18, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Maxell, Ltd. has successfully developed a coin type all solid-state battery with sulfide based solid electrolyte and has started sample shipment, production is planned for later this year. Maxell's all solid-state battery uses materials developed in collaboration with Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.

The new battery has achieved long-life characteristics that enable storage and charge/discharge cycles for more than 10 years, and high temperature resistance over 100 degrees Celsius

Maxell has succeeded in creating sample shipments of all solid-state battery with high performance and high reliability by merging technologies that Maxell has been cultivating for many years while producing lithium-ion/micro batteries. Maxell is planning to go into mass production of all solid-state battery in a short period of time, without a large amount of capital investment. This will be made possible by utilizing Maxell's domestic production equipment and manufacturing technology currently in use for the micro battery.

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Main characteristics of Maxell's all solid-state battery:

  1. Compatible with existing battery control systems
  2. High input-output characteristics and high energy density
  3. Superior performance at a wide range of temperatures, from -50 to 100 degrees Celsius
  4. Performance stability for over 10 years
  5. Capable of even higher energy density, moving forward

The coin type all solid-state battery will be productized and mass-produced through joint development with a domestic wearable device manufacturer. Thereafter, Maxell will begin offering the all solid-state battery in other wearable/IoT device markets as well.

Maxell's next step will be offering the all solid-state battery for in-car equipment and IoT device markets that require resistance to high temperature and long life, both characteristics that conventional lithium-ion battery was unable to achieve.

Also, Maxell is applying for 24 patents for their technologies in relation to the all solid-state battery, including the coin type all solid-state battery.

Small-sized lithium-ion batteries are used for various devices across both industrial and consumer markets such as health care, entertainment and mobility. Market research firm B3, Inc. estimates that 10 billion units of these batteries will be shipped in 2025, and projects a compound annual growth rate of 10% per year from 2017 to 2030.

As the market expands, and devices continue to become more performance-enhanced, downsized, lighter and multifunctional, batteries will be required to achieve improvements of various characteristics such as energy density, input-output, battery lifetime, heat-resistance, reliability and safety. The all solid-state battery is considered one of the few technologies capable of meeting these various market demands.

Maxell has achieved the optimal balance of performance between high capacity and high output which has been difficult to achieve with all solid-state battery. Improvements have to made resulting in significant long life and heat resistant characteristics, through material development with Mitsui Kinzoku and other domestic material manufacturers, along with Maxell's own technologies such as formulation, forming and sealing.

The technologies necessary for all solid-state battery with high-performance are based on the knowhow that Maxell has cultivated for many years, such as surface control of electrode materials, homogeneous mixing of electrode materials and solid electrolyte, homogeneous formation of solid electrolyte layer, and interface control of electrode layer and solid electrolyte layer.