Manhattan Scientifics Delivers Fuel Cell Power Supply to US Army

August 02, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (MHTX, Los Alamos, NM) announced that it has successfully tested and delivered a fuel cell power supply to the US Army last week. The system was delivered on schedule with four times the power performance and half the weight required in the army specification. The effort was in fulfillment of a contract MHTX received three months ago to design and build a prototype hydrogen-powered fuel cell system using system technology from MHTX's associate NovArs (Passau, Germany).The NovArs cylindrical shaped fuel cell system is capable of delivering 60 to 70W of continuous power, under peak load conditions, at ambient pressure, with minimum ancillary equipment.The power system will be tested by the Army as part of its program to evaluate the feasibility of supplementing batteries in portable communication equipment now in use. The tests are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.