Luxury Electric Announces Completion Of Full-Sized, Long-Range, All-Electric Luxury Sedan

August 26, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Luxury Electric Co., one of America’s first electric car companies, announced plans to take their prototype car, "The Electric," on a transcontinental trip, said to be the first for an electric luxury sedan.

"We will demonstrate that electric cars can perform as well or better than gas-powered cars," said Luxury Electric founder Elliott Small. "The coast-to-coast drive will show that all-electric automotive technology is ready today. We’re eliminating the biggest barrier to mass-market acceptance of electric vehicles by showing that they are not only practical for daily commuting, but deliver outstanding performance, range, comfort and durability as well."

"Most people commute easily on 30 to 50 miles per day, the average distance electric vehicles can go between charges," said Engineering VP Bill Rowling. "To achieve our goal of driving cross country, we’ve improved that to about 140 miles per charge."

Luxury Electric has an exclusive license for two rapid battery re-charge patents from the Georgia Tech Research Corp. and will demonstrate that technology during the coast-to-coast drive.

"The new battery technology will allow full charges from any outlet in as little as 10 minutes," said Small. "The cost of the electricity will work out to about $4 per 150 miles. Future motorists will be able to buy electricity from wind or solar power sources, resulting in a virtually zero emissions vehicle that performs as well as traditional autos."