IR Power Modules Used in Orbital Research Satellites

February 25, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) announced that its analog power modules are being used onboard the Jason-1 and TIMED research satellites currently orbiting the Earth.

The power systems for the Jason-1 satellite are managed with IR’s advanced analog ATR2800T Series 30W dc/dc power converter modules. The TIMED satellite's power systems are managed with the ATR2800S Series 30W and the AHF2800S and AHF2800D Series 12W dc/dc converter modules.

Bel Lazar, vice president of the advanced analog business unit of International Rectifier, said, "We are pleased to provide power management solutions for the Jason-1 and the TIMED Earth sciences programs. The data gathered from these satellites will help scientists understand the effects of Earth's oceans on climate and Earth's atmosphere."