IR Announces AIRR Automotive Power Breakthrough

November 12, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

International Rectifier Corp. (IR, El Segundo, CA) announced the production of the first active integrated rectifier regulator (AIRR) for automotive alternators, which has been designed by IR to meet Delphi Corp.'s specifications for the alternator of the recently introduced DaimlerChrysler Corp. Maybach luxury vehicle. The AIRR can generate higher power levels in a smaller outline than traditional passive rectifiers and alternator regulators.

The AIRR combines a voltage regulator, which controls the output voltage of the alternator, with an active rectifier in the same module. The rectifier converts the alternating current generated by the alternator into the direct current required by the car electrical loads and battery. The performance of active rectifiers with state-of-the-art power MOSFETs can improve the output power of standard alternators by up to 25 percent at idle speed, where most generation systems are underpowered.

The first-production AIRR has been designed for a very large alternator with 350A output at 6,000rpm at cold temperature, and above 200A output at idle. The module is capable of handling 525A for 20 seconds. The AIRR has passed specified qualification testing as required.