IQLP Opens Materials Innovation Lab Focused on Energy Storage and Electronics

March 07, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

IQLP, LLC, a member of the Interplex Industries family of companies announced that it has opened a new materials innovation laboratory focused on developing next-generation materials and processes for electronics and energy storage applications. IQLP’s new 5,600 square-foot innovation lab has been designed to focus on the rapid discovery of new material properties through high throughput screening and characterization and is located in Woburn, Massachusetts.

“IQLP has over 30 years of experience developing and processing highly innovative liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) that are used in films, extrusions and moldings in electronic and other applications,” said Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Founder and CEO of IQLP. “We will be staffing the new materials innovation lab with a mix of engineers with expertise in materials science and processing as well as university students in post-doc, PhD and masters programs to help create these new materials.”

In addition, IQLP has developed partnerships with prestigious academic laboratories such as Harvard, Case Western Reserve and Tufts University. Dr. Zimmerman has been a Faculty member at Tufts University since 1990.

"Since my founding of Interplex fifty-five years ago, we have always strived to be on the leading edge of technical advancement in our industry," said Jack Seidler, Chairman and CEO of Interplex Industries. "For much of our history, we have focused on developing advanced manufacturing techniques. However, our partnership with Dr. Zimmerman as result of our acquisition of Quantum Leap Packaging, along with the creation of the IQLP Materials Innovation Lab, allows us to penetrate deeper into basic material research. As a result, we believe these new material breakthroughs will not only enhance the growth of IQLP but contribute to the development of advanced products that will improve the global standard of living."

IQLP, LLC was initially founded as Quantum Leap Packaging in 2002 as a materials company developing products in semiconductor packaging, including the creation of its Quantechâ„¢ Material Technology. The company was acquired by Interplex Industries, Inc. in 2009. The company is focused on the development of the next generation of products for semiconductor packaging, film/laminates, structural plastics and automotive applications.

With the development of the new materials innovation lab, IQLP is well positioned to meet the demand for next generation materials and solutions from its customers/partners. Initial partnerships have already been established to launch new material solutions for the electronics and energy storage industry.