Inverpower Controls Awarded Contract to Manufacture Fuel Cell Conversion System

April 17, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Inverpower Controls Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario) has been awarded a contract from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to design and manufacture a 250kW power conversion system for an atmospheric SOFC combined heat and power system. The project is a venture between OPG and Siemens Westinghouse, the SOFC technology provider, and production will be undertaken by Ontario Power Technologies. The power conversion system will use a combination of advanced digital controls, both chopper and inverter technology that has been developed by Inverpower over the past two years.

"Power conversion is a critical component of the prototype fuel cell system we are building with Siemens Westinghouse," said David Dodd, vice president of operations for Ontario Power Technologies. "We are confident that Inverpower's experience and technology will help us meet the requirements of this demanding application."

SOFCs can be more than twice as efficient at similar power levels with significantly reduced emissions, including greenhouse gases. The development for further fuel cell applications, such as specific advanced controls and power-conversion equipment, is being partially funded by the National Research Council of Canada under the Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Inverpower is a Canadian high-technology company that designs, manufactures and services power electronics and controls. OPG, a leading North American power generator and wholesaler with more than 30,000MW of installed generating capacity, utilizes Ontario Power Technologies for technology development and services to the electric power industry.